Poker is a classic card game that has been able to establish itself amongst the best games that can be enjoyed by a community of gamers. Especially when it comes to card games, Poker holds the summits as the most popular and preferred option. From its roots in the States to then spreading all across the world, one can easily say that the poker fever has got everyone hooked on the game. Well, if this was monumental then the rise of poker games online can be justified as a gaming revolution, a sight to behold.

Yes, our beloved game poker can now be enjoyed online. As we all know one of the primary reasons why gamers love to play this card game is the fact that you can make real money by competing against the best opponents. Well, online poker apps have now taken center stage, they host tournaments and contests where you are pitted against some good competition, and with poker skills in handy you can claim the ultimate winnings prize in terms of real money.

Now these are not any common gaming app but technologically advanced, easy to use, and a safe playing field where all the players are treated equally. Moreover, the platform is carefully curated so that it meets the requirements of the players. Now it is understood that online gaming is seen in a suspicious light and for all the right reasons. However, the poker gaming apps have made it a priority and ensured the safety of the platform and user data using the secured channels and safety mechanism.

It is natural to be lost and unsure of where to start your online poker journey. With a wide range of options, some trusted ones while others are lucrative, one can stumble in making a wise call on picking their poker gaming app. This is where we come in, in this blog you will be able to identify your gaming needs and similarities to the poker apps that align well with your goals and objectives.

Prominent Names of Trusted Poker Apps You Should Check Out

1. Playerzpot Poker

One of the best picks one can make to start playing poker online. The Playerzpot poker app is a delight for gamers who are looking for a smooth, reliable, and rewarding poker app. With more than 1.5 crore active users on the gaming app, they have been revolutionizing the gaming industry for good. The poker tournaments like Whisky Sour, Moscow Mule, Martini, and Old Fashioned games will certainly provide you with the much-needed option one is looking for. The rakeback offers and the refer & policy are rewarding in the sense that they boost player’s morale to compete for the biggest prize.

2. MPL Poker

MPL Poker certainly holds out on its own when it comes to the best options for online poker games. With a wide range of games, they are popular for Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha poker games that resonate well with the classic poker experience but only this time it is bundled into a gaming app. You can certainly try out your hands from the wide range of options available and identify what is your strong suit. The online poker tournament at MPL has winnings up to Rs 2.5 crore, staggering isn’t it? Such is the hype for the game and the level of competition that rewards the gamers with such lucrative prize money.

3. PokerBaazi

You hold the cards is the tagline by Pokerbazi that sums up the vibe of playing on this app. Pokerbazi is a powerhouse when it comes to online poker games, with an 8-year-long run in this segment they have cracked the code when it comes to offering the games and features that are preferred by the powerheads. With RNG certification and seamless gaming experience, it is home to more than 35 lakh poker players who actively participate in games and tournaments. Another exciting feature about Pokerbazi is that here you can make your own private room.

4. Pokerstars

The Pokerstars is indeed one of the biggest online gaming apps with a sole focus on bringing the best poker experience to the end user. With a portfolio of the biggest live tournaments, all the best poker players join with freeroll and satellite qualifiers. The chest level on Pokerstars determines the points and the reward bonus percentage, so the players here are constantly striving for a better chest level. With a good rewards system and bonus features, PokerStars is a true force to be reckoned with in online poker gaming.

5. Adda52

Adda52 is one of the fastest growing online poker apps that offer an experience that is thrilling, exciting, and rewarding. The users do get a sign-up bonus of Rs1000, while at the same time, one can join the game using the referral code. You can join this particular poker app using a desktop or tablet. Moreover, with a 24/7 award-winning support system, the Adda52 team is constantly working to improve your online poker experience.

6. Khelo365

Khelo 365 is one of the best places to play online poker in India. With free pots, guaranteed online tournaments, deposit bonuses & cash prizes they are striving for a secure space for poker players where they can make the most of their poker skills. The app is iTech Labs certified thus ensuring a safe and secure means of gaming without any hiccups or concerns. Apart from the classic offerings like Texas Hold’em and Omaha games, you can also try Open-face Chinese poker in Khelo 365.

7. Spartan Poker

Spartan Poker has established itself as one of the prominent poker apps in the country. The grand bonus scheme on Spartan Poker is at a staggering Rs 60,000. The RNG certification, fraud control mechanism, and 100% safe & legal gaming spaces are some of the key features of this particular poker platform. With a pool of 15+ daily tournaments and 12+ daily freerolls, there is a wide range of selections for the users to choose from.