Ludo is a well-known board game that can be enjoyed by any individual, regardless of their age. The board game is strategic and has its roots in India. 

Do you want to play the game? You must have two to four players with a ludo board, pieces, and pair of dice. The aim is to move all the coins on the board from the starting point to the endpoint. 

The incoming technology has made Ludo a convenient option both in online and offline forums. The main difference between the Online and Offline modes is that you can play the former with anybody from anywhere worldwide. While factors like physical board bounds the latter. 

You can play Offline Ludo with players in particular physical proximity. This post explains the rules associated with both formats and tries to determine which option is better for players in the present generation.

Ludo Online

Online Ludo is a virtual format of the traditional version of the game. This version is available on various platforms or Ludo apps like PlayerzPot. The rules followed in Online Ludo & Offline Ludo are the same. 

The only distinction is that you have a virtual board in Online Ludo, and the players make their moves in the app or the platforms by clicking on the screen. 

There are several advantages associated with playing online ludo on ludo apps, like the game can be played by anybody, anywhere, without any time limitation. 

The players can also customize themselves and the game per their mood. They can choose the color of the board, how many players they want to play in the game with, and much more. 

Online Ludo allows players to play against those with an advanced skill set. By playing against advanced players, the players can improve their skills in the game by garnering valuable experience.

Ludo Offline

You play the Offline Ludo with the traditional methodology. To play Offline Ludo, the players need a physical board with pieces. 

Play Offline Ludo with friends and families in the comfort of places like homes or parks. The rules followed in both Online and Offline Ludo are the same. 

The primary distinction is that in Offline Ludo, the players must roll the dice physically to play the game, and following the number that comes on the dice, they need to move their pieces on the board from the starting point to the endpoint. 

The advantage associated with Offline Ludo is that, unlike Online Ludo, which you can play in physical isolation on ludo apps, Offline Ludo is essentially a social activity. 

In this social activity, players participate in face-to-face interaction with each other and can spend quality time with conversation and snacks.

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Which is Better?

Online Ludo is a better option than Offline Ludo. The players can garner both conveniences and flexibility by playing Online Ludo on apps. Play Online Ludo anywhere with anyone. It is not necessary to have a computer. Any electronic device which hosts apps can be used to play Online Ludo. 

Customize Online Ludo games according to the choice of the players, which is impossible in the case of Offline Ludo. Factors like the availability of players or weather conditions do not matter here. Offline Ludo allows you to engage in social activities because you meet the players face-to-face. 

However, Online Ludo helps you interact with other players, even their families and friends, when they are out of town or far away. It is not possible in Offline Ludo. Online ludo is also fairer than Offline ludo. 

Offline Ludo has a chance of cheating and manipulation, which you will not get for Online Ludo. The online gaming app ensures that every player has a fair opportunity to participate in the game.

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Why PlayerzPot?

PlayerzPot is a popular online platform and app. It provides a seamless and enjoyable experience of playing Ludo to its players. The app is user-friendly and is an efficient method for players. It has a range of features that makes it appealing for the players. These features include customizable game settings, multiple language support, and secure payment options. 

Today PlayerzPot has a large community of online players, indicating its popularity. Therefore, the players will never face any issues in finding individuals to enjoy Ludo with on this app.

How to Play?

It is smooth enough to play Online Ludo on the PlayerzPot app. To play Online Ludo, the players must create an account and log in. After logging, they must select the ludo option and customize the setting per which they want to play the ludo game in the app. 

The settings could be about the number of players and the board color. 

After setting up the game according to their needs, the players can invite their friends to play Ludo within the app or join a public game to play with new people from the community of PlayerzPot. 

The objective is to roll the dice and make the pieces reach the ending point before the opponents manage to do so in the game. Some tips which you can use to win in Online Ludo are keeping your pieces together, blocking your opponents, and using your dice rolls wisely.


Ludo is a hugely popular board game internationally, and you can play in both Online and Offline methodologies. Both options have their advantages. But in comparison, Online Ludo is a better option. 

Online Ludo offers flexibility and convenience. It is also fairer as everything is automated, and Ludo apps like PlayerzPot prioritize the player’s experience. Players can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable Ludo experience if they associate with Ludo apps and platforms like PlayerzPot. They can customize the options and features available in the game. 

Online Ludo is an excellent way for players to stay in touch with friends and families who are not physically close by spending quality time with them through a game of Ludo. So, what are you waiting for? Collect your friends, log in to PlayerzPot, and start playing Online Ludo.

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