How To Play
Opinion Trading

Guide To Play Opinion Trading

  • When a player taps on the Opinion Trading Game icon, they will see a set of questions about real-world events i.e. cricket, kabaddi match. The card for each event will display the expiration date of that question event.

  • Users can choose to answer any question based on their expertise and skills. After selecting an option, they can see how many traders are available for that choice. Users can also decide how much money they want to spend on that specific option.

  • The user will confirm their choice, the amount of money, and the quantity. The trade details will be recorded and can be viewed later in the portfolio area. User can see their investment amount and estimated winnings before placing order.

  • Once the user places their order, they will see Oder details. Pending (Order placed but waiting for seller or buyer), Settled (Order placed successfully and bought desired quantities), Sold (Order sold successfully).

  • Once the poll input timer expires, users cannot change their input. After the actual event concludes and the outcome is known, those who selected the correct option will be rewarded.

Steps to Play Opinion Trading


Select Opinion Trading

Visit Games Section Select Opinion Trading

Select Event

Select match & event you want to participate

Select Question

Select question & Trade with Opinion

Place Order

Select Price & Quantity to place an order

Video Tutorial

Terms & Conditions

  • Question-Based Gameplay - Players are presented with a variety of questions, each with two possible answers (Yes or No).
    Questions cover a wide range of topics, including Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Finance, and many more..

  • Trading System - Users place trades on their chosen answers, with trade amounts ranging from ₹0.5 to ₹9.5. The quantity of trades can be customized, allowing players to multiply their trade amount. Trades are placed with the goal of achieving a combined total of ₹10 with opposing trades.

  • Matching Priority - Establish a priority system for matching orders. For example, if there are multiple opposing orders of ₹8.5 on "No," the system can match the oldest order first to ensure fairness.

    • Quantity Priority Levels: Assign priority levels based on the number of shares in the order.

      For example:
      "High Quantity Priority": Orders with a high quantity, such as 10 shares or more.
      "Medium Quantity Priority": Orders with a moderate quantity, such as 5 to 9 shares.
      "Low Quantity Priority": Orders with a low quantity, such as 1 to 4 shares.

    • Priority Order Time: Within each priority level, further prioritize orders based on the time of placement. The order placed first within a specific quantity category will be matched first.

    • Matching Algorithm: An algorithm considers both quantity priority and placement time to determine the order in which matches are made.

  • Platform Fees - A 10% platform fee is deducted from the net profit of successfully matched orders once your answer is declared as the result.
    This fee is deducted from net profit. So, (For 1 quantity) if a user invested amount is ₹6 then on winning his net profit will be ₹4, so a platform fee of 10% will be charged on ₹4 which will be ₹0.40. So the winning amount will be ₹3.6. Total winning = invested amount (₹6) + winning after fees deduction(₹3.6).
    User will get ₹9.6 in their winning wallet.

FAQ's to play Opinion Trading

Q1. What is Opinion Trading?

Ans: PlayerzPot's Opinion Trading is a game based on expert opinions. You will receive poll-based questions about real events, like sports, the stock market, crypto, and other trending topics. Users need to predict which option they believe is most likely to happen.

Q2. Can I make multiple entries for the same event/question?

Ans: Yes, You can invest in multiple entries in the same question event.

Q3. When the event will be settled?

Ans: All events are settled within 24 hours from the time of event expiry.

Q4. Why I am not able to sell or exit from the trade/event?

Ans: Once the event is completed, selling or exiting from the trade is not possible.

Q5. Why I am not able to Cancel the trade/event?

Ans: You can only cancel the trade of unmatched quantities.
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