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Easy Guide To Play Quiz Game

Online Quiz games are certainly the best to make the most of one’s free time. Quiz games have been around for a while and were enjoyed by a limited number of masses, but not anymore all thanks to the boom in the online gaming segment. Now quiz games are enjoyed by anyone who has a smartphone with an internet connection. Moreover, with the options of different categorical quiz games, the users are now able to select the quiz game of their choice. Playerzpot Quiz games have been offering a rewarding gaming experience that is only going to elevate in the coming days.

Steps to Play Quiz Game

1. Download the Quiz Game App:

  • First things first, in order to enjoy the best quiz gaming experience you will need to download the Playerzpot Quiz App.
  • iOS users can directly download the app from the App Store, while Android users can download the app via apk link from the website or by registering their mobile number.

2. Choose your quiz:

  • Based on the category of quiz games made available to the users, they will be able to select the game they want to play.
  • With different pots to choose from players can decide which games they want to play based on their preferences.
  • Given the quiz games do change from time to time on the category scale, everyone does get a shot at making the most of their skills and knowledge.

3. Important Notes:

  • Each player will get 9 seconds to answer the questions.
  • The faster the user answers, more points the user will collect.
  • For every second saved by the user on a right answer, 1 point will be awarded to them.
  • The questions asked here are of mixed category.
  • The number of participants is mentioned in the pot card. In case the pot limit is not reached after the waiting period, the pot will start with the users who have joined.
  • The user who has scored the highest points in a particular pot is crowned as the winner.

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Quiz Game Pot Joining Guide


Select Quiz

Choose your favourite game that you want to play

Select Pots

Choose between different pots and compete

Waiting To Join

The game will start once the opponent is ready

Get Started

It's time to start playing your favourite game

Video Tutorial

Quiz Game Rules

Categorical Quiz

  • In the categorical quiz, participants are asked questions based on the events that occurred in that particular match mentioned on the card.
  • To know about the match just click on the ' i ' icon on the match card.
  • Participants can research the given match and come prepared for the quiz. The format of the quiz will be the same as that of the Quick Online Quiz.
  • This will be a limited-time quiz category.

Quick Online Quiz-

  • In the Quick Online Quiz, the user has to answer a set of X number of questions depending on pots. For each question user will get 9 seconds to answer. The faster the user answers more the points he gets. For every second saved user gets 1 point only if the user has given the right answer.
  • If the user answers in 3.5 seconds saving 5.5 seconds then he receives 5.5 points. The same questions are asked to the opponents of the users with the same time limit at the same instance. Users are judged based on their total points. The user with the highest number of points is the winner and takes home the winning amount. Types of the question asked here are of the mixed category(any topic).

Scoring System

  • For every second user saves, he gets 1 point provided that the answer is right. Answer as fast as possible to score more points. At the end of the quiz, points scored for all the questions will be added to make a total.
  • The user with the highest total wins the pot. If the user answers in 3.5 seconds saving 5.5 seconds then he receives 5.5 points.

Number of Participants

  • The maximum number of participants is mentioned in the Pot card. If the pots fail to fill to their limit within the waiting period, the pot will commence among the users who have joined the pot.
  • If no one apart from the user joins the pots after the waiting period refund of the entry amount will be provided to the user.

FAQ's of How to Play Quiz Game

Q1. How to play the Quiz game online?

Ans: Download the Playerzpot Quiz Gaming app and enjoy playing the best quiz games.

Q2. How to win a Quiz game?

Ans: To win the Quiz game, the players need to score the maximum number of points by giving correct answers to the questions.

Q3. What are the rules of the Quiz game?

Ans: There are a number of rules you need to keep in mind before starting to play Quiz games
  • Each user gets 9 seconds to answer the questions correctly.
  • If the user answers in 3.5 seconds saving 5.5 seconds from the total 9, a total of 5.5 points is awarded to that player.
  • Users are judged based on the total points collected after the completion of quiz to determine the winner.
  • The maximum number of users that can participate in a pot is mentioned on the pot card itself.
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