The game of Ludo is a traditional board game in India since ancient times. For centuries people have played a similar version of the game we know as Ludo today. Though with the outburst of technology the common consensus was games like Ludo would not stay true or relevant but in contrast to it, the game has gained popularity like never before.

With the emergence of fantasy sports gaming platforms, ludo has quickly become a popular game that online gamers like to enjoy. Not only the players here are making the most of their free time but in doing so they also have an opportunity to earn real money on these platforms. Players can link their bank accounts and then set up a multiplayer board room where they can compete to win the maximum pot of prize pool.

PlayerzPot, India’s best gaming platform offers you the chance to display your gaming skills and earn real cash prizes while playing Ludo. In order to play the android ludo game on your devices, you will need to download the apk file provided by the PlayerzPot upon registering your mobile number.

The application is also available on the Apple store. Once you are done setting up your profile you can then immerse yourself into playing your preferred game online at your convenience.

Although there is a raging debate on whether playing online games is good or bad, the pandemic last year was a clear indication of how the trend is shifting from the primary source of games to that of online platforms. Not only there has been investment in online gaming sectors but the end consumer themselves have been craving such opportunities for a while. And who would want to miss out on making easy money without making a huge investment?

The investors themselves are now open to making investments in startups and projects where online gaming is presented at its core. So it’s no surprise that people are looking for download links, in particular of the online ludo app. Gamechilling is a culture slowly starting to make its grips, while better internet connectivity and secure digital payment structure has also largely contributed to the trend of playing online games on fantasy sports platforms.

Moreover, India was the second-largest casual gaming market in the world during the pandemic which has seen online gaming emerging as the mainstream entertainment option. Games like Ludo and Teen Pati were the standouts last year but more and more options are now available in the market. There is no way the investors would miss out on the growing market of online gaming while the players themselves are on the lookout to find their choice of games online, which again has got easier since the options are rapidly growing more the end consumers.

Here are some of the key pointers which developers are adhering to, so that their consumers may get a better online gaming experience.

New Ideas and Concepts – Change is the only constant hold true here, though the games designed are fresh and true to their core, improvements in graphics, navigation, colour scheme and new concepts in the game will be appreciated well.

Multiplayer Mode – This has to be the focus of the web developers of these games for now. With growing engagement with players online, there is a different vibe to the gaming experience. Moreover, with this, the game itself can then be promoted through word of mouth.

Skills – This is an important aspect as the developers in developing the game must ensure it is fair and secured to play. The outcome of the game must not be based on luck or chance but on skills and planning.

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