PlayerzPot, a portal that allows some legendary footballers, be it, Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba or Salah, play for you and make you win some real cash.

Many users usually get themselves apart from football with a reason for having an insufficient knowledge about football culture but PlayerzPot gives you a hassle-free gaming experience with tutorials at every step and predictions that guarantee a 99% win.


Now, be prepared as your training session with PlayerzPot begins:

  • Create your account in PlayerzPot by simply log in using either your Facebook or Google account or create a new account. After signing up, get your phone number verified. Once you get verified, PlayerzPot will add Rs.25 to your PlayerzPot wallet as a joining bonus.
  • Select your sport i.e Football.
  • Select a match or available pot. You can use the joining bonus i.e Rs.25 to join any available pot.
  • After you enter the match, you have to create your own squad. You would be given a list of mid-fielders, defenders, forwards and goal-keepers from both the squads. This means that your squad comprises of players from both the teams.  Your selection would be entirely based on your knowledge you possess about the player, his performance, the team’s standings and their performance in the previous matches. Here you build your Playing 11.
    • Select 3-5 Mid-fielders.
    • Select 3-5 Defenders
    • Select 1-3 Attackers.
    • Select 1 Goal-keeper.
  • Once you select your Playing 11, build your squad by naming it and joining the pot.
  • You have now successfully joined the pot. Now, wait for the actual match to begin.
  • When the match begins, if the player in your squad strikes a goal or assist, the points will be added according to PlayerzPot’s scoring system. The points will be deducted once your goalkeeper fails to defend the goal. At the end of the match, the final evaluation of the points will be added to your PlayerzPot’s wallet which is directly linked to your bank account. You can withdraw cash from your PlayerzPot wallet or deposit into it.


PlayerzPot’s Scoring System:



PlayerzPot’s Bonus Points:


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