Rummy is amongst the most popular card games being enjoyed by gamers online. In today’s world, all you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile device through which you can try your hands on playing Rummy online. Multiplayer tables with players tuning in make it a perfect atmosphere to play your favourite card game which enhances the spirit of competing.

Despite Rummy being so popular many of the users have doubts about its legitimacy and fears regarding the online platform. Rummy is a game of skills and not a chance, therefore it is completely legal to play rummy online or offline. The other being the platform on which the game is played are well secured so that the gamers without any hesitation can enjoy their experience.

Moreover, with the card game being played online against real players you can play rummy and win cash, the amount the player wins can also be easily withdrawn into their own bank accounts quickly. However, it is advised that before entering the paid table the player must brush up and upgrade one’s skill to match up against the opponent. This can be achieved by playing on the unpaid tables and practising sessions against computers.

If you are new to this game and are struggling to understand rummy and its basic rules, worry no more, we got you covered, rummy game rules are not that complex. The players involved in this game can be from 2 to 6, with all the players being handed out 13 cards each, which they need to arrange into sequences, a sequence or sets. The player needs to have two sequences out of which one has to be pure in order to make a declaration. The player who makes the first declaration wins the game.

So, a pure sequence would be spades of 1,2,3,4 here this being a pure sequence a joker cannot be added. In an impure sequence instead of a spade of 1,2,3,4, you have a single card of let’s say heart of 8 in between the 1,2,8,4 here if the joker card is 8 you can then turn this into an impure sequence. For sets, you need to form a set of numerical cards for eg: 9,9,9 or A.9,9, where A can be an invalid joker.

So, having understood the schematics and basics of the card game you can play rummy with friends, family, close ones and best you could just join a multiplayer table online where you can truly test your skills and tactics regarding rummy. Nothing beats the thrill of getting one better over the other and more so when you have cash rewards at stake. Having said that, you can also play unpaid games where you play freely and boost up your confidence in having a not so good day at the multiplayer paid tables.

Of course, with the game offering cash rewards the players do need a platform where they can enjoy their gaming experience without being worried, also there’s a growing sense about the online gamers in having a platform where security is a priority along with fair play. PlayerzPot is one such platform where the expert team members keeping in mind players’ demands and concerns have structured gameplays where they feel secure and entertained at the same time.