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We are very familiar with Dino Run Game, right? There must be some memories attached to this game when you were young. Dino is a most popular and classic game running game that was created by Pixeljam and XGen Studios. The original version of the game was released in April 2008. The game has used simple pixel art and 8-bit sound in order to emulate the style of 1980s arcade games. Over the years, the expanded and enhanced version of Dino Run was released for PC and Macintosh under the names of Dino Run SE and Dino Run DX. With the outburst of the internet and technology, there are different versions of the Dino Run Game available on online gaming platforms. The game is gradually taking off as one of the popular games to be played online.

Steps to Play Dino Run Game

To play Dino Run Game on Playerzpot, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Download Playerzpot App:

To play the Dino Run Game, first you have to download the Playerzpot gaming app. The app is available download from App Store for iOS users, while the Android users can download the app via link from the website. Or else, you can register your mobile number and you will get a message along with the link to download the app.

2. Sign Up:

After downloading the Playerzpot, enter your mobile number and you will get an One Time Password (OTP) through SMS. After that, you fill up your personal details, including your name and phone number. Make sure you fill up your bank details and complete Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Your gaming profile will be ready after all the initial process is completed.

3. Begin your Journey with Dino Run:

After completion of the signing up process, click on the Playerzpot app, scroll down and tap on the Fantasy Games section. Upon reaching Fantasy Games section, you will see multiple games and click on Dino Run. You have to download additional files of the game. Once you download the file, you can click on Dino Run app.

4. Choose your Pot:

Once you click on the Dino Run App, it will main page of the game, where you will different pots. Each pot has different entry fee and winning prize. Depending on your preference, you can choose the pot of your choice. In case you are not ready to participate in paid pot, then there’s an option of playing in free pot.

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Dino Run Game Pot Joining Guide


Select Dino Run

Choose your favourite game that you want to play

Select Pots

Choose between different pots and compete

Waiting To Join

The game will start once the opponent is ready

Get Started

It's time to start playing your favourite game

Video Tutorial

Dino Run Game Rules


In this game, you are using taps to jump and doge the obstacle. Your main objective is to get a high score with the help of three power ups (fireball, shield, jet- pack).


  • Jetpack : The jetpack powerup will help the user to fly and dodge the obstacles, this power up will stay with the user for 5 sec. If any flying obstacle collides with the jetpack, the jet pack will get destroyed. Controls will change when Dino collects jetpack (up & down controls).
  • Fireball : Fireball will destroy the obstacles. There is a limit to a fireball: one collection of fireball power ups will provide the user with 6 fireballs for no time limit and the user can collect the fireballs from the level.
  • Shield : This obstacle will help user to go through any obstacles only once (with one shield power, one collision with an obstacle is allowed) after that it will get destroyed, and overall the powerup will stay for 5 secs.
  • Spike Obstacle will kill user in one hit.
  • Score is calculated based on the distance covered.
  • Stone obstacles will slow down the Dino.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to jump and tap shoot button to shoot fireballs.
  • Each destruction of the obstacles or birds with the help of fire ball will give user 10 extra points.
  • If the dino is flying, Fireballs can destroy flying obstacles and when the dino is on the ground, fireballs can destroy ground obstacles. One fireball can destroy one obstacle.
  • If one user scores 100 in 20 sec and collides with an obstacle and his turn is over, and for the other user it's reconnecting and if it's before the waiting period and he scores 101 after reconnecting then the user who scores 101 will win the match.
  • If one user has completed the game but the other user is still playing the game then bg/fg or socket connect disconnect scenarios will not affect the game.

Winning Condition

  • Beat the opponents score to win a match.

Losing Condition

  • Game ends if you collide with a killing obstacles.
  • If your opponent scores higher than you do, you lose the game.
  • Once you select to quit the game, you lose the game.

FAQ's of How to Play Dino Run Game

Q1. How to play the dino run game online?

Ans: Firstly, you have to download the Playerzpot App. iOS users can download the app from App Store, whereas Android can download the app through the link from the website. Then, select Dino Run from Fantasy Games section, select pot of your choice and enjoy the game.

Q2. How to win a Dino Run Game?

Ans: You have to keep pressing the arrow key or tap on your mobile to jump over cacti. If you one cacti, then the game is over. You need to score a maximum of 99999 to win the game.

Q3. What are the rules of Dino Run Game?

Ans: You have to simply follow the basic rule. You just have the press the arrow key and Dino will start running. You have to keep tapping to jump over cacti.
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