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In this game, you are using taps to jump and doge the obstacle. Your main objective is to get a high score with the help of three power ups (fireball, shield, jet- pack).


Firstly understand how the game works, you can go to 'How to Play' and read the instructions carefully. Once that's done, select the pot amount after which you will be directed towards the lobby and finally towards the In-game screen. Once inside the In - game screen, you can see your and your opponents score being displayed on top corners of the screen. If you win the game, you receive a reward.

This Game is an Infinite running game with multiplayer game-play. As the game progresses, the speed of the dino increases and so does the score. The ultimate Goal is to dodge obstacles and score more.

Game Rules

  • 3 power ups are available : A jetpack, A Fireball and A Shield.
  • Jetpack : The jetpack powerup will help the user to fly and dodge the obstacles, this power up will stay with the user for 5 sec. If any flying obstacle collides with the jetpack, the jet pack will get destroyed. Controls will change when Dino collects jetpack (up & down controls).
  • Fireball : Fireball will destroy the obstacles. There is a limit to a fireball: one collection of fireball power ups will provide the user with 6 fireballs for no time limit and the user can collect the fireballs from the level.
  • Shield : This obstacle will help user to go through any obstacles only once (with one shield power, one collision with an obstacle is allowed) after that it will get destroyed, and overall the powerup will stay for 5 secs.
  • Spike Obstacle will kill user in one hit.
  • Score is calculated based on the distance covered.
  • Stone obstacles will slow down the Dino.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to jump and tap shoot button to shoot fireballs.
  • Each destruction of the obstacles or birds with the help of fire ball will give user 10 extra points.
  • If the dino is flying, Fireballs can destroy flying obstacles and when the dino is on the ground, fireballs can destroy ground obstacles. One fireball can destroy one obstacle.


  • We strongly recommend you to check your internet connection before you start off with the game, as continuous disconnection would lead you to be out of the game.
  • If disconnected, user can reconnect the game within the waiting time of 10 secs (The attempts to reconnect are very limited).
  • If the time is over and then you try to reconnect, you will see `waiting for the result screen' this implies that the game has ended (you can check the score).
  • If one user scores 100 in 20 sec and collides with an obstacle and his turn is over, and for the other user it's reconnecting and if it's before the waiting period and he scores 101 after reconnecting then the user who scores 101 will win the match.
  • If one user has completed the game but the other user is still playing the game then bg/fg or socket connect disconnect scenarios will not affect the game.
  • Once you select to quit the game, you lose the game.

Winning Condition

Beat the opponents score to win a match.

Losing Condition

  • Game ends if you collide with a killing obstacles.
  • If your opponent scores higher than you do, you lose the game.
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