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Game Rules

Starting the game

Select the team and formation to start the game.


The game requires you to hit the ball into the goal post, therefore the angle of your player figure and the ball has to be considered. Even from a distance, you can quite easily score, You can use the walls to bounce the ball off, so even if you cannot score in a straight line if you know your angles there will be a chance to hit it off the wall or opposition player figure.

How to launch

Pull back the disk to prepare it for launch. The farther you pull back, the stronger the force will be.
Player can aim the arrow towards the desired direction. You can choose to hit the ball directly or make the disk ricochet on the sides before hitting the ball.

Formation & Matches

A basic game of table soccer is a race to 5 goals. The first team to score 5 goals wins the game. Matches can be played where winning 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5 games wins the match.


Each user will get a match timer of 20 seconds in every turn. The user who hits 3 goals first will win the game. If the user fails to make a move in 20 Seconds, the turn will be skipped and opponent can play their turn.


1 player versus 1 player - Each player must control their pucks as to defend or score a goal. You will have 4 formations to choose from when you start the game.

Winning Condition

The user who hits 3 goals first will win the game.


Quitting/Killing the app or leaving the game will be considered as forfeit and no price or refund will be provided for the same In case of internet connectivity problem or app-crash, player can reopen the app and will be reconnected to the same game session if active.

Rules of losing game

If the user fails to make 3 goals first the game will loose.
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