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About The Game

Stack the square boxes under the character to create a stack and it will help you to dodge the obstacles or shoot the bullets to distroy the obstacles.

How To Play?

Tap on plus button to stack the square boxes under the bird and hit minus button to remove the boxes to dodge the obstacle to make the high score and collect bullet powerups to distroy the obstacles.

Game Rules

  • Do not collide with any obstacle.
  • Collect bullet powerup to break the obstacles.
  • Bullets: if the user collects this powerup, the user will shoot 6 bullets only if the user gets one more the bullet count will be increased.
  • The score will calculate on distance of travel and the if bullets remaining that will add to score as a bonus one bullet 5 points.
  • One time hit with spike will destroy one box.
  • Plus button to increase the stack one by one.
  • Minus button to decrease the stack size one by one.
  • Fire button to shoot the bullets.
  • There will be a time limit for multiplayer.
  • For a single player will give 3 life.
  • Deduction of life when you hit the obstacle.

Winning Condition
If user do not collide with an obstacle and beat an opponent's score.

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