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Ludo Players

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About Ludo Players

Ludo is a traditional board game that is believed to have originated in India. From the ancient mythological age of Mahabharat to the techno-savvy world of online gaming, Ludo has stood the test of time and remains a crowd favourite and popular game. In fact, the popularity of the ludo player game is reaching new heights, all thanks to an online gaming ludo app where you can play your favourite board game without hiccups from any part of the country. The experience is seamless, smooth, and entertaining at the same time, this is why many of the players are now trying their hands on online ludo games nowadays.

Ludo players across the country now with access to smartphones and easy internet connectivity can dive into the fun of online ludo gaming. Not just that, they can select the game of their choice, as online games have a number of features that suit the taste of a variety of gamers. Participating in matches, cash games, tournaments, and competitive leagues is what sets these games apart from a normal ludo game. It's just the right recipe for the ultimate fun and chaos that the ludo players like to enjoy.

Those ludo players who have yet to experience the game and are playing for the first time are also welcome here. Being online in nature, these novice players can practice and test their ludo skills against AI-generated players which in turn will allow them to understand and learn the tricks and trades of how the online ludo game works and functions. Over the course of time with constant learning and progress, these players will then transition into playing against real players.
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Understand this, online ludo games are like no other, with a huge fan following and the opportunity to earn real money strikes a perfect balance for the players to enjoy and reap in rewards to their gaming skills. Ludo players over the course of their gaming experience ask for very little, seamless gaming experience, a level playing field, and above all ease of gaming which apps like Playerzpot provide. Understanding what the ludo players are looking for in an online ludo game and providing a gaming platform that adheres to their requirements has been a constant driving and innovative force at Playerzpot.

Like any other game, the ludo has its own methodology and patterns that can help you crack the winning code. There are a number of factors such as timing, precession, planning, adaptability, and improvisation that can help ludo players transform their gameplay into a winning one. A combination of these factors will be a decisive one, especially in cash games and tournaments, where the stakes are high and the competition fierce. Strategies will come in handy here, so make sure you have got yourself a winning one that can take on the challenges in your path.

Ludo players do have different styles and patterns, some like to play it aggressively on the front, while there are others who like to take it slow, devise a plan, and set things in motion. However, ludo is an unpredictable game, where you cannot always control the flow and that is why you need to figure out the best style of play for that particular situation. Strategize, improvise, and execute, ludo players who have mastered this flow in ludo games will surely be sitting at the top of the pile.

Play Ludo Like a Pro Player

Play Ludo Online with Friends in 2 or 4 Player Mode

  • Playing ludo online with friends is just a different vibe altogether, the banter, the fun, and the competitiveness is just on another level.
  • On Playerzpot ludo you do have the option of playing in 2 or 4 player mode, as we know the game can be played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of four players.
  • Here the ludo players will be assigned a designated coloured token that will have to move across the squares on the board to their way to win.
  • The 2-player mode is where you will be matched against a real opponent, with four tokens for each player, with a roll of dice the ludo players will have to initiate their game plan, have a spread of tokens, set traps for opposition, and race all four of their designated tokens to the home square and taste the sweet victory.
  • In the 4-player mode, the excitement, chaos, and thrill notches up to the next level. With less space to move and plan, the ludo players have to make wise choices of play.
  • Four players with their four tokens means the hunt will be on and therefore be ready to take out the opposition and at the same time, ensure your tokens are far away from the threat. The real drama unfolds in the endgame when four players are playing.

Master Ludo with These Expert Player Tips at Playerzpot

  • Placement of your tokens across the board is the most effective way to get a winning run in online ludo games on Playerzpot.
  • With every roll of six on your dice, you will be able to move one of your tokens. Similarly, after getting most of your tokens up and running, having them positioned in a strategic location is a plus.
  • Moreover, make sure in spreading out the tokens you do not leave any one of your tokens in isolation. Always make sure that you have a covering token in case things go south.
  • Capture the opponent’s token, one of the reasons why ludo players love this game is that they can send the opposition back to the starting point with the capture of their tokens.
  • Considering you are following the above-mentioned tip, you will be in a good position to capture the opponent’s token.
  • Striking when you are in an advantageous position is the name of the game in Ludo as the game can quickly change guards and you will find yourself in a sticky situation, so whenever presented with an opportunity to strike, do so and pave the way for your victory road.
  • Minimize taking risks, a new ludo player will often rush into making the decisive move only to know that it was a ripple effect for the things to come. Many times in a game of ludo, you have to play it safe, try not to make that costly error that will see you start from scratch.
  • It is good to seize the opportunity when presented with careful calibration and thought of not taking heavy hits on your part. This is also called the passive strategy but in a game of 4 players, this does come in handy.

Strategies to Winning the Game and Earn Real Cash

These are the ludo game strategies that you need to follow in order to win ludo games and earn real cash:

  • Keep your tokens in close proximity to each other, knowing the ludo player can only bring out one token at a time with a roll of six it is easy to let your tokens be scattered across the board.
  • However, with frequent rolls of sixes, you will have multiple options and thus more tokens to move.
  • A single token is more likely to be singled out and captured while if you have your tokens close enough you can quickly counter on the opponent’s move. Try maintaining a distance of 10 square boxes or less between your tokens, this is the safe distance allowing you to move swiftly when required.
  • Do not waste your rolls of six on the dice, often at times ludo players are known to waste their roll of six. Understand this, a roll of six gives you an extra bonus turn which has to be converted to your advantage.
  • If you are short on tokens on the board, go ahead and bring out your tokens. In case you are being chased and you see a window of escape use the six and leapfrog ahead. If six gives you a capture and movement go for it. Here the key is to understand the situation and make the most of the six rolled on the dice.
  • Use the safe spots marked on the ludo board. These are star marked and when a token, be it your own or the opposition's cannot be captured if placed on this square. What this does is provide you with an anchor point, at one side of the board you can run your other tokens to capture the opposition, while a token placed on a star marker acts as the watchdog.
  • If a situation arises you can also take an aggressive stance from this position and capture the opponent’s token from the back, catching them off-guard. At the same time, opponents cannot harm you.

Ludo - The Classic Game for All Ages

The Ludo players have no other choice in terms of the best board game as Ludo is just special for them. Over the years, be it children, teenagers, or adults, everyone has been fond of the game. Back in the day, the game was played on a physical board with four players irrespective of age group engaging in their favourite activity. No wonder that to this day ludo player games are still popular, in fact, online ludo is spreading its arm far and wide.

Common Mistakes That Ludo Players Make

The most common mistake ludo players make is that they rush into playing with just one token. Another common mistake players are susceptible to is an improper use of the roll of six on the dice, often at times they just rush into playing the token across the board while a token can be put in play instead. Last but not least, Ludo players do not pay attention to opposition players, who are plotting a play against them.

Benefits of Playing Ludo With Multiple Players

Playing ludo with multiple players prepares you for the competitive scenario and cash games on Playerzpot. With regular practice, you can turn out to be the best version of the Ludo player you hoped you’d turn out to be. In doing so, you will be able to put your ludo skills to the test and at the same time be tested. So it is best advised to have a good dose of regular ludo under your belt before you jump into cash competitive games.

Play Online Ludo Tournaments & Win Real Money

Playerzpot offers the best online Ludo experience to gamers. With daily and weekly ludo tournaments, the best ludo players from across the nation join in to win the lucrative winning prize. With an access of up to Rs 50 lakhs on the line, competition is fierce. However, each ludo player can choose to play the game of their choice and entry fee from the wide range of options made available to them through pots.

Skills Required to Be a Pro Ludo Player

A Ludo player needs to have a certain trait and skill set that backs the planning and execution on the Ludo board. The first and foremost has to be improvisation and focus, with the combination of these two you are sure on your way to becoming a pro ludo player. Another important skill that improves your game is constant practice and engaging in competitive games, as nothing is built overnight and you will have to put in hours to reach the summit.

Choose Playerzpot to Play Ludo Game

Playerzpot is the best-in-class online ludo game that has been successful in providing the ultimate ludo experience to the players. With the easy transfer of funds, a refer and earn program, free practice pots, and safe gaming practices, ludo players have made Playerzpot their forever gaming home. Not to mention how rewarding the Playerzpot ludo game is, where players can put their skills to the right use and earn real cash rewards.

FAQs About Ludo Players

How Many Players Can Play Ludo?


A total of 2 to 4 players can play the game of Ludo.

How Can I Become A Pro Player in the Ludo Game?


With regular practice and gaming sessions on the Playerzpot Ludo, you can become a pro player and participate in tournaments and cash games.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That Ludo Players Make?


Some common mistakes the Ludo players make are not being aware of rules, being in a rush, not being focused enough on the game and many a time they are not attentive to the opponent’s play on the Ludo board.

Can 5 Players Play on Playerzpot App?


No, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players can play on the Playerzpot App.

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